Quality solutions powered by the Crowd

As a utilities provider, you need to ensure product quality and maintenance in order to safeguard your brand image and keep operational costs under control.

Professional crowdsourcing grants you the flexibility you need to meet the challenges of your market while providing customers with cutting-edge technology and exceptional all-around service.


Enjoy a planning-free process and let your clients be in charge. The Roamler Tech Crowd receives bespoke training and is available to install your devices 7 days a week. This way you can build up value while committing your own personnel to more complex installation tasks.


Solve technical issues quickly and effectively with our widespread Crowd of certified professionals. Roamler Tech is able to ensure your clients reliable repairs in the shortest possible time, also on weekends and holidays. This allows you to offer timely service and increase customer loyalty.


Provide your clients with improved performance of their heating and cooling devices and the most efficient protection against downtime. Our community of certified professionals covers the whole country and is ready to handle your scheduled repairs while you can commit your own personnel to more complex maintenance & installations tasks.

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A skilled crowd. Anytime, anywhere.

2 million tasks per year

Leverage our widespread on-demand workforce and increase flexibility and ROI.


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