Consumer Durables

Enhance efficiency and satisfaction through the Crowd

Real-time category insights and in-store excellence are a strong competitive advantage in the dynamic consumer electronics and appliances industry.

Roamler’s crowdsourced solutions will be strong enablers of your sell-out and market share growth, with a better ROI.


Use our Crowd to grow your efficiency in the critical touchpoints along the Consumer Decision Journey. Access real-time actionable insights about what’s really happening on the Omni shop floor, and grow your conversion.


Ensure availability and enhance the performance of your products and promotions. Leveraging a Crowd of on-demand auditors and merchandisers allows you to instantly install POSM, replenish products, and fix availability and visibility issues right where they occur.


Let your clients enjoy a flawless installation service with crowdsourced setups. Our on-demand professionals receive bespoke product training and are ready to install your devices 7 days a week across the country. This allows you to offer exceptional service while cutting down on personnel costs.

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A skilled crowd. Anytime, anywhere.

2 million tasks per year

Leverage our widespread on-demand workforce and increase flexibility and ROI.


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