We see a future of task-led work

At Roamler we believe that separating jobs into specific tasks, leads to a more efficient use of resources.

A sustainable model

Selecting specific operational activities and scaling them through on-demand skilled crowds, empowers businesses with more flexibility. This allows organizations to work towards a sustainable future, and people to be fully in charge of their careers

The work environment is changing

Technology is rapidly transforming the way we work, and impacting how we create, deliver and capture value.


of employees demand more flexibility


of the population in the USA and EU is engaged in independent work


of independent work is currently conducted on digital platforms

Three ways the crowd can empower your business


Our Crowd is everywhere, allowing you to easily and efficiently reach multiple areas, cities, or countries!


Complex operations can be turned into repeatable tasks suitable for our Crowd!

High volume

Roamler empowers you with a massive workforce that operates anytime and anywhere.

Optimizing your resources through expertise and technology. From tasks to results.


Crowd selection

Our Crowd is organized according to skills, experience level, and proximity to your requested locations.


Task setting

Our operational department turns your KPIs into clear tasks for our Crowd to execute.


Community management

Our country-based community managers keep in close contact with the Crowd, ensuring the coverage of your requested areas within established timeframes.


Review process

Each submission is manually checked by our international team of reviewers, who cover several shifts throughout the workweek, weekends, and holidays.

Your data is safe with us

Our information-security management system is certified according to the ISO27001. This ensures your proprietary data is handled in compliance with approved information-security standards.

Ready to boost your operations with the crowd?