Changing the way people work

We believe crowdsourcing is changing the way people work by opening up more possibilities for both companies and individuals who aim at a sustainable future.

Company profile

Founded in 2011, Roamler provides businesses with B2B crowdsourced solutions, answering the call of companies for efficiency with widespread, on-demand professionals and individuals. These “Roamlers” are recruited, trained, and organized according to their skills, experience, and location, and then matched to “tasks.”

With the brand Roamler Retail, Roamler is the European leader in crowd-supported field-marketing activities, performing tasks for the biggest FMCG manufacturers, consumer brands, PCGs, and retail chains.

With Roamler Tech, launched in 2016, Roamler is also the first European company to apply crowdsourcing to B2B in- and around-home installations, executed by a Crowd of independent,certified professionals.

In 2018 Roamler has launched Roamler Care, the first project that leverages the power of widespread professional caregivers to increase flexibility and efficiency in the household and health care industry.

Our mission

We are proud to match the demand for fast and effective solutions to business problems. We do this with people who are looking for the opportunity to be fully in charge of their schedule and to enjoy a more independent way of living and working.

Empowering businesses with profitability

Relying on Crowds qualified to solve challenges quickly and in a flexible, efficient way allows companies of any size to maintain the organizational agility they need to stay competitive.

Emancipating people with flexibility

Our task-based approach enables individuals to access more opportunities and pursue a higher quality of life by using their skills anytime and anywhere.

Supported by strong management

Headed by experienced enterpreneurs





Taking responsibility for a better future

Providing opportunities and contributing to improving people’s lives is a crucial part of what we do at Roamler. For this reason, we chose to support a project that aligns with our core values by extending opportunities to less fortunate communities.

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