Increased flexibility with crowdsourcing

Contending with increasing demand for quality, variety of new products, and customized solutions, Telcos constantly face the challenge of ensuring operational efficiency and customer satisfaction with no financial overhead.

Streamlining post-sales processes through professional crowdsourcing provides you with the flexibility you need to stay competitive in such a dynamic landscape.


Enjoy a planning-free process and let your clients be in charge. The Roamler Tech crowd receives bespoke training and is available to install your devices 7 days a week. This way you can build up value while committing your own personnel to more complex installation tasks.


Solve technical issues quickly and effectively. Roamler Tech uses local crowds of certified professionals who can easily reach your locations in minimal time, also on weekends and holidays. This allows you to offer timely service and to increase customer loyalty.

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A skilled crowd. Anytime, anywhere.

2 million tasks per year

Leverage our widespread on-demand workforce and increase flexibility and ROI.


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