Working together for better results

The professional crowdsourcing solution that focuses on patients and caregivers

The future of home & people care

Keeping healthcare reliable, efficient and affordable, has always been a challenge for every economy. At Roamler we believe that crowdsourcing can add flexibility and sustainability to most businesses, and that it can significantly improve medical processes and performance.

Starting from 2018, we are running the first pilot projects within the healthcare industry, applying professional crowdsourcing to the nursing, care and home care markets. Roamler Care will be officially launched in 2019 in the Netherlands.

Roamler Care minimizes administration and planning, empowering home care with efficiency and sustainability.

Focus On Treatments

Professional caregivers are enabled to focus on performance rather than administration, compliance and agenda management.

Improved Experience

The client’s experience is enriched with effective communication, more insights, additional services, and a wider choice of professionals.

Perfect Flow

The integration of the Roamler technology puts in place a self-managed mechanism that ensures maximum efficiency.


Roamler Care works with smaller networks & cells. This increases cooperation and fosters clearer procedures and methods.

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